Back to Trinidad

The passage south to Trinidad was fairly uneventful. After an excellent last meal in St. Martin on Saturday, we set out early on Sunday morning. Although we were able to beat into moderate winds on Sunday and Wednesday, light winds forced us to motorsail on Monday and Tuesday. There were several notable events during the […]

Fare Forward

On Sunday, I decided to move the boat over to Baie Orientale. This new location would position the boat a short dinghy ride from Baie De l’Embouchure, which I am told is an excellent place to learn how to surf. I envisioned myself spending the days experiencing the exhilaration of riding waves, returning to the […]

Shutout in Sint Maarten

My first full week on St. Martin was one of relaxation. The easygoing routine that I settled into was less the result of a need for rest than an attempt to slow my rate of spending. The weak dollar makes high living difficult on an island where everything is priced in Euro’s. On Tuesday, Zach […]

St. Martin Est Tres Bonne

The passage from Virgin Gorda to St. Martin was difficult. Although we only had to cover 72 miles, it took us 32 hours of beating into wind, waves, and current before we finally reached our destination. For those readers who are not familiar with the concept of speed, 2.25 knots per hour (2.6 mph) is […]