Happy Halloween from Trinidad

Happy Halloween from lovely Chaguaramas, Trinidad. This year, I am dressing up as poor, smelly, sunburned sailor. My costume requires about a month of exposure to the tropical sun, sweating constantly with irregular showers, rotating through three t-shirts that are laundered only when the dampness and smell becomes unbearable, and allowing my beard to grow […]

One Year Anniversary

On Tuesday, it will be exactly one year since Brian and I left Cape Cod, bound for Bermuda with our Dad and Uncle Larry. Since then, Audentes has visited 12 countries, anchored in more than 30 difference harbors, and traveled over 3,000 miles. The past year has been interesting, to say the least. Among the […]

Lobster Aloft

The week was consumed largely by projects on the boat. Progress is slowly being made and the only major tasks remaining are installing a new jib roller furling and mounting the solar panels. On Wednesday, I repaired the staysail roller furling, forcing me to make multiple trips up and down the mast. With two people, […]