Trip to Africa

It has been far too long since I have posted a journal update. My standard excuse has been that since returning to a normal job that there is less noteworthy stories to share, but that is not strictly accurate. There have been plenty of small adventures and even the simple task of navigating through life […]

Part V – The Maasai Mara

The final three days of our safari were spent in the Maasai Mara, the famed southern savannah of Kenya bordering the Serengeti in Tanzania. Repeatedly during our stay, we heard how fantastic the great migration is in August. We were told how it was a flood of wildebeest migrating north with swarms of predators picking […]

Part II – Into the Wild

Our safari began in earnest on the morning of our first full day in Kenya. We were driven to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi where baby elephants who have lost their parents are raised before being released back into the wild. Most of the elephants had become orphans due to poachers, a serious problem throughout […]

Thanksgiving Rememberances

Seven years ago, Aaron and I spent Thanksgiving surrounded by flower-studded hills and taller masts in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. The night before, we’d met the chef on one of the neighboring megayachts, who informed us that each staff chef in the harbor would be making a turkey the next day in a kind of friendly […]

In Search of the World’s Best Burger

One of my favorite things about visiting Ohio is all of the boastful signs making outlandish claims promoting their signature product. During recent visits I have seen the world’s longest bar, passed on both the world’s best bagel and world’s best falafel, and drove by the world’s fastest roller-coaster. However, what most interested me was […]

A Weekend in Napa

One of the great benefits of living in California is the diversity of destinations within driving distance. Driving to work, I can often see snow-capped mountains ahead and the glistening Santa Monica Bay in the rearview mirror. There are mountains, beaches, deserts, cities, and forests all within a couple of hours drive. This past weekend […]