Wild On the Galapagos

Having departed New York on Thursday, Joe and Sashin arrived in the Galapagos on Friday morning via Bogota, Quito, and Guyaquil. After meeting them at the airport on the tiny island of Baltra, we proceeded to take a bus to the southern tip of the island, a ferry to the northernmost point of Santa Cruz, […]

Adios Panama

I spent the first half of the week preparing for our passage to the Galapagos. The preparations focused on provisioning and preparing the boat for several long passages. Due to concerns about the availability of food and boat parts in the Galapagos and Marquesas, we attempted to obtain everything that we will need over the […]

A Floating United Nations

During the past week, we have had guests aboard Audentes from Panama, England, Canada, and Poland. Much like the UN, everyone dislikes Americans but is polite enough not to say so to our faces. Also similar to the UN, we Americans do whatever we want and don’t care at all what anyone else thinks. There […]