Passage Update – 01 Nov 2016

At Sea

01 Nov 2016 12:00 (NZ / Tonga Time)
31 Oct 2016 19:00 (US East Coast) 7pm

So far today we have had a good day motoring in light winds and calm seas. It started out sunny and has now become overcast as a sign of things to come. While I much prefer sailing, the calm seas the past eight hours has been a nice respit. We got things cleaned up and stored away for the coming 36 hours which will be stormy and a wild ride.

The weather forecast remains unchanged. We now have light winds of about 7kn from the NE. This should start to build over the next few hours and go to the NNW with winds of 17-21 kn with gusts to 31 kn and then as the night goes on go more NW with winds of 18-25 with gusts to 35 kn. Around sunrise tomorrow morning heavy rain should arrive and last until about sunset, at which time the winds will get lighter and go WSW. We hope to arrive at our waypoint off the entrance to Whangarei before midnight.

So big winds and big seas are in the forecast. In this case they will be from behind us and be pushing us towards our destination. That makes them beneficial to a point and manageable, but will still mean a wild ride.
S 31 37.402
E 174 11.746

COG 157M
SOG 5.5 kn motoring

Distance to Whangarei, NZ: 256 nm
All is well aboard Andiamo. I hope all is well with you.


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