Bumming Around Tahiti

The first order of business upon arriving in Tahiti was to clear in with the Port Captain. When we originally entered French Polynesia in the Marquesas, I was granted a one-month visa. This visa expired on Saturday and, on Monday, I found myself standing before an immigrations official as an illegal alien. Fortunately, a lively […]

Swimming with Sharks

Rangiroa is the second-largest atoll in the world, surpassed only by Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Although it is considered the most touristy of the islands in the Tuomotus, the atoll retains a quiet atmosphere and lacks much in the way of development, aside from a few upper-end resorts. The atoll surrounds a huge lagoon […]

Floating Toward Nirvana

The atoll of Ahe is a quiet island that surrounds a large lagoon full of reefs and coral heads. Once inside, the lagoon resembles a large lake. Although Ahe is a single island, from a distance the shore appears to be broken by numerous passes to the open ocean. In fact, these opening are coral […]