Trip to Africa

It has been far too long since I have posted a journal update. My standard excuse has been that since returning to a normal job that there is less noteworthy stories to share, but that is not strictly accurate. There have been plenty of small adventures and even the simple task of navigating through life in Los Angeles was not without its stories. Since I stopped sailing, I have gotten married, had five different jobs, and traveled to eleven different countries. This neglect would probably continue, but after Megan and I recently traveled to Kenya, several people have requested that I post pictures from the safari. Clearly, there is more demand for the photos of what we saw than for a wordy description, but it offers a useful opportunity to get back in the habit of posting regularly. This will be the first installment of a multipart posting about our trip to Africa. Hopefully, it will be followed by more pictures and another journal entry on our cross-country drive on Route 66. Hope you enjoy.

Part I – The Longest Day

Part II – Into the Wild

Part III – Africa, Brave Africa

Part IV – Arms Dealers, Blowhards, and Giraffes

Part V – The Maasai Mara

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