Driving, Driving and Solving

A Day in Transit, a Night in Fort Pierce, aka Hell Driving, driving, solving Late last night, Aaron and I were on the highway, sides nearly splitting from the right-wing Christian talk show on the radio. It featured disturbing news stories about homosexuals wanting equal rights, Christians being arrested “merely because they’re Christians” and also […]

Penultimate Paint

Day Thirteen in Fort Pierce, aka the Official Home of Those With Nothing Left to Lose Penultimate paint, AC, logistics, logistics, logistics The boat is beginning to look beautiful. The blisters and our patchings have now fallen under a thick layer of bottom paint, stylish black on the forward two thirds of the hull, and […]

A Day of Turns

Day Ten in Fort Pierce, aka Rover Point Returns, taking turns, sharp turns Our elliptical disc sander lasted ten minutes. That was all it took for it to decide it wanted no part of our project, so it simply quit. We, fresh back from a trip to the library (which was closed) and the Wendy’s […]

Expensive White Powder

Day Eight in Fort Pierce, aka Fort Beggar Expensive white powder, more latex gloves, Vero Beach At West Marine, a haggard man placed his items on the counter. The woman at the register rang it up and announced the total cost. From here, it is unclear precisely what was said, but we believe it went […]