Thanksgiving in Margarita

From the water, the city of Porlomar, on the Isla de Margarita, appears similar to Miami. A row of high-rise apartments and hotels line the shore concealing a bustling town a couple of blocks inland. The anchorage is a large protected bay that comfortably accommodates well over a hundred visiting yachts. To go ashore requires […]

Hola from Venezuela

After a month and a half in Trinidad, I finally completed the last few projects necessary to prepare for departure. The main task was fixing the staysail roller furling, which involved taking the entire inner forestay ashore, replacing the wire, and reinstalling the roller furling system. This completed, I faced the challenge of transporting the […]

Hotel California

What am I doing? Am I really spending my savings and the best years of my twenties making myself feel incompetent? When will the worm finally turn and this will start being fun again? Will I ever leave Trinidad? Since going in the water, I have been suffering through an endless nightmare. As mentioned in […]