Guest Blog: Megan

In an attempt to provide a comprehensive description of my recent trip to Italy, I have asked my girlfriend, Megan, to contribute a journal entry describing her visit to Rome. What follows is her account of our first three days in Italy. It should be noted that despite my complete absence from the entry, I […]

When in Rome …

Within 15 minutes of arriving in Rome, we were robbed. In all my years of traveling, I have never had anything stolen, but less than 24 hours after touching down in Italy, Megan’s wallet was snatched. Occurring so early in our trip, the theft tended to negatively color our impressions of the eternal city. Seen […]

A Long December

A lot has happened over the past couple of months. During the month of December, I did not spend a single weekend in California. My travels took me to Columbus, Ohio, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Onset, Massachusetts, and Omaha, Nebraska. As usual, I have been negligent in posting regular journal updates. So, in an attempt to […]

Thanksgiving in California

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Along with July 4th and Christmas, this is the time of year when I am usually surrounded by family. Considering how frequently both my family and I tend to move, this holiday often involves travel. Over the years, I have spent Thanksgiving in Denver, Memphis, Kentucky, […]

Northern Exposure

There is a theory that posits that the key to a happy life is to establish a satisfying flow of activity. A stimulating job, loyal friends, and a caring family facilitate a meaningful existence that drifts by in a series of enjoyable days. For me, this philosophy holds some truth, though a key ingredient is […]

A Moveable Feast

After nearly eight months in Los Angeles, it finally rained. I still find this amazing and cannot help but expecting the skies to open up every time the smog gets a bit thicker than normal. For someone who enjoys relaxing rainy days, the adjustment to the constant sunshine has been a challenge. I would like […]

Escape from LA

I never should have gone home. Before my trip back east, I was content with my situation in LA. I had settled into a comfortable routine and had met some nice people. However, after a cross-country red eye flight, I was thrilled to find myself back in Cape Cod. Within several hours of landing, I […]

LA Story

Six months after leaving my boat in New Zealand, I once again boarded a plane and flew eastward to meet up with family. This time, instead of gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, we were gathering to celebrate my cousin Maureen’s wedding. The journey began with a red-eye from LAX to Cleveland that departed at 11:00 PM […]

In the Land of Bukowski

Several weeks ago, I traded in the sun and superficiality of Los Angeles for a weekend of sun and simplicity in Atlanta. Lacking a washer or dryer in my apartment, my baggage was filled mainly with dirty laundry that I hauled across the country in a questionable effort to save a few dollars. Arriving late […]