Building a Hull of Glass

Day Seven in Fort Pierce, aka Vagrantshire Building a hull of glass, watching neighbors disappear, chimichangas By now the routine is set; we get up before eight, have cereal, and cover ourselves in potentially dangerous chemicals for most of the day. Heaven knows we’ve ingested enough acetone, acid, and aspirin to kill a family of […]

Grinding to a Halt

Day Five in Fort Pierce, aka Vagabond Village Grinding to a halt and driving to Miami and back I woke up at 6:30 am, and woke Aaron up at 6:45. We skipped breakfast and went straight to work, grinding away the last traces of the cancer in our hull and wiping the open sores with […]

Cleaning Out the Boat

First Full Day at the Boatyard in Fort Pierce, aka Bumtown We cleaned out the boat today, bow to stern, using a host of chemicals designed to banish bacteria and disrespect dirt. The first items of interest we found was a business card of the former owner, on the back of which was scrawled some […]