Thanksgiving Rememberances

Seven years ago, Aaron and I spent Thanksgiving surrounded by flower-studded hills and taller masts in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. The night before, we’d met the chef on one of the neighboring megayachts, who informed us that each staff chef in the harbor would be making a turkey the next day in a kind of friendly […]

Brian Sails in Newport

Few American ports have as much maritime history as Newport, Rhode Island. From north to south, America’s Cup Boulevard follows the natural arc of Newport Harbor, which is thickly studded with marinas and yacht clubs. It’s also protected in most directions thanks to the mainland and a sturdy penninsula that terminates in Fort Adams, which […]

Carnival Ad Nauseum

A week is enough time to gain sufficient perspective on Carnival. It kicked off with the NFL Superbowl on Sunday night, which we watched on a Mexican channel in a local bar. We missed out on the commercials, but we did manage to catch some off-air chatter between the commentators, who discussed whether or not […]

Carnival in Trinidad

We were somewhat mislead concerning the nature of last Sunday’s Viey La Cou. In our minds, “theater” means a performance with a plot. In Trinidad, it apparently refers to several different groups of people in costume walking to and fro on a grass field. The first section, from 1 pm to 4 pm, was a […]

Toil and Trouble

We’re quickly forgetting how to sail and fast remembering how inept we are at fiberglass work. Still, we’ve managed to overcome our incompetence and are only a few nuts and bolts from completing the reinstallation of our deck hardware. This has involved plenty of drilling, prying, hacking, heavy-duty gluing, and liberal use of our hammer, […]

On the Hard in Trinidad Part II

The verdict is in; if you haven’t seen “Troy” yet, keep waiting, for as long as possible. Moving on, we have established ourselves in the boatyard at Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Our first full day was rainy with occasional precipitation and intermittent drizzle. Fortunately, our work detail was scraping, sanding, and wiping the bottom, where we were […]

Passage to Valhalla

On the evening of the 11th, Aaron and I set out for Trinidad with high hopes and tempered sails. A 15-20 knot wind made the close reach brisk but uncomfortable, and we got little sleep on our first shifts off. The monotony of my 12am-2am watch was broken by the sudden sound of cellophane at […]