Jagged Path, Zen Rain and Old Money Virginia

Day 10 on the Odyssey from the Peninsula to the Cape Southern oppulence in all its splendor

We embarked from Hampton before 9 a.m. and motored out into the Chesapeake, where we cut the engine and sailed on a few long tacks across the Bay. We fancied ourselves to be making excellent progress, and indeed we covered over 50 miles of ground before anchoring for the night. Unfortunately, much of that distance was covered going sideways in order to use the wind. Around 4:30 pm, we discovered that we’d only made about 25 miles toward Annapolis from Hampton.

Discouraged, we turned on the motor and swung north to try and make up ground before sunset. Clouds and fog quickly descended, minimizing visibility, and a light rain began to fall. Aaron brewed some Japanese green tea, which warmed us as we strode toward the queerly-named but still opulent Antipoison Neck. The misty bluffs, pensive rainfall, and wholesome green tea wiped out our disappointment in our previous progress.

Around 8 pm, we barreled into Fleets Bay to the strains of U2. Our anchorage was situated among several large estates, including one that looked like a Norse castle and another that must have held at least thirty rooms. Mugs of clam chowder were followed by pasta sprinkled with olive oil and parmesan cheese. We went to bed as the light waned.

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