Peace, Ice Cream and Exhibitionism

Day Fourteen Tripping Over the Eastern Seaboard

We ate pancakes again for breakfast and went ashore to take in the Sunday New York Times and latest soccer results at a local coffee shop. After lounging there for the better part of the morning and into the afternoon, we looked for a grocery store in town and could only find a tiny convenience store. As they were trying to charge an unconscionable $5.95 for a box of Corn Flakes, we bought a couple of cheap loaves of bread and returned to the boat to take naps, read and unwind after the morning’s exertion.

In the evening, we went back into town and Aaron strolled around the historic district while I took some exercise at the naval academy with a soccer ball. We followed this with ice cream and an unsuccessful attempt to access a bar’s advertised “FREE WIRELESS NETWORK CONNECTION” from the curb. Returning to the ship, we passed a 25-foot motorboat with ten voluptuous women dancing on the deck. Two of the ladies(if I may call them that) saw us passing and one leaned seductively into the other’s bosom, both of them watching us for some reaction. We laughed.

It was canned ravioli for dinner and bed early after a tiring but fun weekend in Annapolis.

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