Summer Friends, Family and Festivities

Another Day in the Endless Cape Cod Summer

Our first fifteen days in Onset, Massachusetts were markedly different than the previous weeks at sea. Chili and hot dogs were replaced by clam chowder and swordfish, Dismal Swamp Canal gave way to the Cape Cod Canal, and half-drunk rednecks were traded in for friends and family. Among the activities:

  • A Moody Blues concert that ranged from amusing to bizarre to horrific. Throngs of enthusiastic 40-somethings went completely batty at super-regular intervals, drowning out every part of “Nights in White Satin” except for the drums, which can only be described as cacophonic.
  • A boat rechristening that included such names as Nate, Dan, Jeff, Kristen, Angelina, Joe, and Jane. Those who did not attend were roasted by those who did. Libations were plentiful and fun was had.
  • A brisk sail in 30-knot winds and plentiful rain with Dad, Bruno, Kristen, and Angelina. ‘Twas but a short run out past Wing’s Neck to Stone Castle and back, but we reached speeds of over 8 knots and tested the boat under sail under harsher conditions than before.
  • A run out to Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard with Jaime and Joe. We anchored outside the main harbor among a veritable bevy of other boats. We found it confining, to say the very least.
  • An oil filter change that was eventually accomplished by driving a screwdriver through the existing filter multiple times in order to gain enough torque. Some amount of oil escaped the filter and soiled most surfaces in the engine room.
  • A beautiful sail to Bird Island and back with Marc, Kathleen, Lucy, Alec, Randy, Elizabeth, Sam, Carol, and Ralph. We finally had our first victim of seasickness, but the trip was fun for all.
  • Plenty of visiting with and being fed by Grandma and Grandpa Cook, aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as the aforementioned friends.

Future plans call for trips to Maine, visits of more friends and family, and continued education in the ways of sailing and boat mechanics.

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