Antigua: Living the High Life

Now settled in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua, we’ve had a chance to explore the area and found it to be rather enjoyable. Nelson’s Dockyard, a small village of upscale eateries and historic buildings, saddles English Harbor, which is adjacent to our anchorage. The docks in the aforementioned village are graced with some of the finest vessels we have ever seen, 120+ foot leviathans complete with paid crew and middle-aged men smugly sipping white wine while lounging on their spacious decks.

We have found our own niche in the form of the Dry Dock, an open-air, thatched-roof bar that shows English football matches, and a cafe/bar/gelateria that is literally a part of the dinghy dock. A fine sand beach provides excellent swimming and is only a short walk away, the searing sun forcing us to take to the water at least once each day.

Monday, we took a bus north to the capital of St. John’s. After browsing a produce market and a fresh meat market, we headed into the hive of tourist activity, several blocks of stalls and shops somewhat depressingly reliant on the enormous cruise ship in port. To beat the heat, we grabbed a drink on the veranda of Hemingway’s, described on the menu as a place “much like some of Ernest Hemingway’s old haunts.” For lunch, we stopped at the Roti King and had the best rotis of our lives (curried chicken or beef and potatoes wrapped in a West Indian pancake).

We’re still discussing our plans for Thanksgiving, though we have decided not to spend it transiting. The decision to be made, then, is whether we should enjoy it here in Antigua or further south in Guadeloupe. In any case, we hope that our readership enjoys the holiday and continues to monitor our progress.

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