Holes Plugged and West Marine Sucked Dry

Day Nine in Fort Pierce, aka San Franwanderer

Holes plugged, West Marine sucked dry, obnoxious neighbors

Today saw us buy the Fort Pierce West Marine’s last canister of 410 Microlight Fairing Filler, so we took a trip to the next closest West Marine, 20 minutes away in Vero Beach. Thus restocked, we finished a first filling all of the holes in our hull, large and small. Some will have to be covered with another layer of filler, a task that we hope to complete tomorrow. Still, seeing a hull that appears mud-covered rather than cluster bombed gives us hope that we’ll be done with everything within a week.

The owners of the boat next door, a family of three, arrived today bearing loud voices, ridiculous dialogue, and a candy red neo-punch buggy. Among the scenes was that of the rotund adolescent daughter complaining that she cut her thumb, that she shouldn’t be expected to retrieve her own Band-Aid, that she had to go to the hospital, and that her thumb would likely fall off. These statements were categorically ignored by the parents, who continued mending the one (1) blister on their hull. Their initially amusing presence descended into annoyance as the day wore on.

After a dinner of soggy burritos, which continue to wreak havoc on our stomachs as these words are written, we interviewed each other in order to give our dear readers some further knowledge of our minds and motivations. The interview can be accessed through the Guest & Crew.

A busy day complete, we both read briefly and went to bed tired.

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