A Day of Turns

Day Ten in Fort Pierce, aka Rover Point

Returns, taking turns, sharp turns

Our elliptical disc sander lasted ten minutes. That was all it took for it to decide it wanted no part of our project, so it simply quit. We, fresh back from a trip to the library (which was closed) and the Wendy’s toilet (also closed), were not amused. However, we had no choice but to traipse to Home Despot, return the lazy piece of machinery, and purchase a new one in its stead. We chose a belt sander with enough power to tear down a sequoia. When we unleashed it on our hull, it galloped like a stallion.

Four hours of work later, we were ready to relax, and went to the library and West Marine before heading to the beach. En route, we witnessed a singularly stunning event.

The car in front of us, conveying what looked to be a surfer and his two black dogs, took a sharp turn toward the beach, speeding up around the corner rather than slowing down.
As a result, one of the dogs was defenestrated.

Apparently, the canine tried to catch itself with its back paws as it flew out the window. According to Aaron, a look of recognition spread across the dog’s face as it realized the futility of its efforts. It turned its attention to damage control. The landing was painful to watch, legs bent inward and paws skidding a foot or so across the pavement. We gasped, but fortunately the dog seemed to be unharmed, albeit a bit confused as it trotted to the side of the road.

After swimming and washing, we returned home for a dinner of chicken soup. Despite generous helpings, however, we grew hungry for something sweet and went out later in the night to the Winn Dixie [supermarket], purchased half a gallon of Double Fudge Brownie ice cream, ate it all in one sitting, and wished we hadn’t. We must get out of here soon, before our stomachs mutiny. Feeling gluttonous, we read and went to bed.

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