Short Work and Long Evening

Day Eleven in Fort Pierce, aka Thumb Jockeyburg

Short work, long evening

We filled the holes in the hull. Tomorrow we will sand them. Also we will put on the barrier coat. The next day we will put bottom paint on the hull. The day after, another coat of bottom paint. Then we are gone.

Fortunately, we are nearing the end of our stay here in Fort Pierce, aka whatever. It’s fortunate because we are starting to develop a routine, the first step in putting down roots, itself the first step in staying. And staying is not something we want to do.

Today’s errands included dumping our rolled quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies on Bank of America’s Fort Pierce branch. When the woman at the counter saw our blue plastic Walmart bag full of change, she actually hesitated when we asked if we could cash it. She was clearly considering lying to us in order not to deal with it. The disappointment on her face was thinly veiled when I informed her that yes, I did have an account at Bank of America. We scored $145.

The only other point of note was dinner, in which we combined chili with four hot dogs apiece for a truly awesome and unhealthy meal. We relaxed for the rest of the evening, spoke to father on the phone, and went to bed.

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