Penultimate Paint

Day Thirteen in Fort Pierce, aka the Official Home of Those With Nothing Left to Lose

Penultimate paint, AC, logistics, logistics, logistics

The boat is beginning to look beautiful. The blisters and our patchings have now fallen under a thick layer of bottom paint, stylish black on the forward two thirds of the hull, and curious blue on the aft third. The last coat will be laid down tomorrow, at which time Audentes may or may not go in the water.

Part of the afternoon was spent trying to offload the marine air conditioner than came with the boat. Ronnie, a pepper-haired seen-it-all type at the marine surplus warehouse down the highway offered to take it off our hands for a cool $125. Despite my protests, Aaron wasn’t having any of it, so it remains in the back of the truck. If you would like to purchase the marine air conditioner (retail value $799.99 new, we’ll part with it for $400), please e-mail us.

The evening was spent tallying up the ridiculous costs we’ve incurred since coming here, Aaron collating and recording the sums on all of our receipts. We’re still trying to figure out an appropriately outrageous context for conveying these numbers.

Also, the July 4th date for the rechristening of the boat has been thrown into question, and more likely, cancellation. Stay tuned for the new date/location. After discussing where and when to take our first sailing adventure, we went to bed, looking excitedly forward to leaving Fort Pierce tomorrow evening and driving home to Atlanta.

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