Half Day in Fort Pierce

Half Day in Fort Pierce, aka Homeless Beach

A long day began with changing our splash date (when the boat goes into the water) to today. We laid on the last coat of bottom paint in the morning and were done by 10:30. We went to the beach, where the water was surprisingly cold and light blue, then showered and went to Lenzi’s Diner before stopping at Walmart for something to eat in the car.

We got back to the boat and relaxed, reading until three, when they came for us. The boat was hoisted up in the sling, and we brushed some paint onto the spots that had been covered by the jackstands. The boat was brought to the water and lowered in gently,

We managed to steer fairly well toward the slip assigned to us, scratching only one boat with out anchor. According to Aaron, who intervened at the bow to avoid greater damage, it “could be rubbed out.” Amid some suspicion that we were actually stuck in the sandy bottom, we coasted to a halt in the middle of our slip, secured the vessel, locked it up, and took off for Atlanta, planning to arrive at 3 a.m. then come back with our parents five hours later. At press time, we were cannoning up I-75 on coffee and $1.95/gal fuel.

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